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Andrés Cepeda had always been recognized by the dicipline he had in every project he want to achieve, that was the path that took him to the succeful person he is now and an example of the dicipline he have is was when he was young and Poligamia his first musical band separated, he by composing, singing and producing more and more music, achieved to won in 2008 a Latin Grammy. That is one of the three things I can learned about this idol.

Andrés did something nobody had done it. He mixed two kinds of genres, the tropical Latin genre and also Ballads. This was one of the biggest inventions Andrés Cepeda had that revolution Latin Music world, also this was a way to achieve the success by giving people music they had never listen befor. This invention in the last 5 years had tell him that what he did was one of the ways to achieve success.

I learned from the effort he made in every single thing he makes, the effort he put to compose ¨Día tras día´ an album which had Ballads, Salsa and a lot more genres making a fully and awesome album turning it in one of the most recognized works of him, after ´Lo mejor que hay en mi vida´  that took him to won a Latin Grammy and been nominated to another 3 Latin Grammy´s. Effort will always make you be on traget towards your goals.

In my opinion these three things can make you as succesful as Bil Gates, because dicipline, effort and last but not least, making what you really love, will make yourself more efficent and better in things you will make in your life. We can learned much more of this latin singer that is one of the biggest exponent of Latin Music.

José Gabriel Rey/9C