“El Pibe” the Eternal Captain of the National Team

During the decade of the 90's the Colombian National Selection of Football was recognized in all the world as one of the best selections during this decade. But we know that almost all of the triumphs that get this Selection was because the magnificent technique that "el Pibe" has and, that makes that create a good play was no sweat for the team."El Pibe" was a player that in the field was identify by his leadership and companionship that makes him a very good captain and was recognized as a player with a very good technique, and all of this aspects makes that nowadays is recognized as one of the better players of soccer during the decade of the 90'.

“El Pibe” was recognized as player with the characteristic of been a very good captain at the field. This was because he was a player that when you see him in the field you see that he was a player that help all the team, even if was in a situation where he need to defend or in a situation where he need to attack, he was a player very complete. We can remember “el Pibe” because he has a characteristic of leadership, we can see this in the field because he was like “a coach playing inside the field” because was a player that create all the moves that makes his team.

“El Pibe” is consider as a captain in the field and is recognized by this aspect, but this can’t be if he does not have the important characteristic of companionship. This was see in the matches when he make the passes. This was because he was a player that create the movements in the field an no a player that make goals, but its true that he make some goals, but he was a player that have clear in his mind that his work in the field was create, and this is why during all the match he make passes. That he make the goal than him. But this was no possible if he do not have his great technique. 

The technique was other of the characteristics that we remember of “el Pibe” was his technique. The technique that he has was very good was so good that if nowadays we see a play of him we can see that almost all the goals that makes his team first the ball passed by the foot of him. This was because the passes that he make was almost perfect, and this makes that his teams wins, because his passes was so good that the passes that he give to the forward was a clear option of goal. This make that “el Pibe” is considered nowadays one of the better midfields in the history of football.

To conclude, “el Pibe” was a player a player who we learn a lot of things, and is a player an a person that is going to be in the mind of no only the Colombian people but in the mind of all of the people that see him play an all of the people that is a football lover because he is a leyend of this sport and always will be

© 2015 Carlos Hernandez